Monkeypox cases are spreading into every region of the UK as vaccination campaign against disease falters, experts warn

06/08/22 22:26

05/08/22 19:31

When the United States tally is considered per population - a more accurate measure because it takes into account the much larger population - the outbreak is eighth largest.

05/08/22 00:05

The EU is set to repeat its Covid vaccine shambles with a failure to deliver monkeypox jabs. Doctors are turning away patients due to too few doses, with the bloc's procurement policy stalling.

04/08/22 18:08

The Biden Administration is planning on declaring a public health emergency regarding the nation's surging monkeypox outbreak, according to reports on Thursday.

04/08/22 02:34

Vulnerable Australians could receive a vaccine for monkeypox as soon as next week as the government looks to combat growing case numbers.

03/08/22 21:21

Only two states - Montana and Wyoming - are yet to detect the virus. There is 'a great deal of concern' that it could spread to children or pregnant women.

02/08/22 18:13

California became the second state in three days to take the step after New York. So far, nearly 800 cases of the viral disease have been reported in the state, with 61,000 vaccine doses adminstered.

02/08/22 17:32

Official documents showed how the 'strategic' stockpile was allowed to plummet to 0.012 percent from its peak in 2013, as doses of the Jynneos vaccine - which only have a three-year shelf life - ran out.

02/08/22 15:45

The Indiana Department of Health announced the infections when it updated its cases tally, but refused to give any further information citing privacy concerns.

01/08/22 17:25

Dr Scott Gottlieb pointed out that unlike with Covid both vaccines and tests were already available against the disease. But these were not deployed quickly.

31/07/22 01:33

New York governor Kathy Hochul announced monkeypox disease is now a state disaster emergency as her administration struggles to disperse vaccines to contain the spread.

30/07/22 11:49

Spain has confirmed its second death from the Monkeypox virus as cases continue to climb worldwide. The Ministry of Health confirmed the death on Saturday, as its caseload grew to 4,298.

29/07/22 21:25

A 41-year-old man became the first person in Brazil to die from the monkeypox virus on Thursday, the Health Ministry revealed.

29/07/22 20:09

Spain's Ministry of Health confirmed the fatality today, providing no further detail about the victim and when they had died, as it revealed 4,298 cases have so far been notified since the outbreak began.

29/07/22 16:39

State health commissioner Dr Mary Bassett said the declaration would 'free up' extra funding to support efforts to raise awareness of the disease to prevent its spread.

29/07/22 05:26

Fox News host Tucker Carlson jokingly announced plans to rename monkeypox 'schlong COVID' after a woke official deemed the existing moniker racist.

28/07/22 20:10

Dr Xavier Becerra raised the stakes today, suggesting in a briefing hosted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that monkeypox could spread to other groups.

28/07/22 02:38

Australia's Chief Medical Officer declared monkeypox an 'incident of national significance'. Two vaccines against the virus have now been recommended.

28/07/22 01:02

CDC data updated on Wednesday showed 1,048 new cases in 24 hours, meaning that the United States has surged past Spain to become the monkeypox capital of the world.

27/07/22 16:24

Woman has now given birth to her child, who does not appear to have caught the rash-causing virus from the mother. Health officials said both were 'doing well'.

26/07/22 16:18

America has detected 3,487 monkeypox cases to date, behind only Spain with 3,596 infections. But cases are rising quicker in the U.S., suggesting it will soon overtake Spain.

25/07/22 23:05

President Joe Biden plans to name a monkeypox coordinator as breakouts in the United States topped 2,891 and the first two cases in children were confirmed on Friday. 

25/07/22 19:09

The centers are based in Brooklyn, Bronx and the Queens and began rolling out doses this Sunday. They will also offer them over the next two Sundays.

24/07/22 23:51

WHO epidemiologist Dr Margaret Harris appeared on the breakfast show on Monday morning and was asked whether declaring monkeypox a global public health emergency was an 'overreaction'.

23/07/22 21:57

Greene gave a brief but fiery speech on the second day of the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida. Her popularity among GOP teens and young adults was clearly evident.

23/07/22 20:32

As monkeypox cases soar into the thousands the Biden administration is considering whether to declare the outbreak as a public health emergency. On Friday, US cases of monkey topped 2,800

23/07/22 09:59

The UN health agency's declaration could spur further investment in treating the once-rare disease - and also worsen the scramble for scarce vaccines.

22/07/22 22:35

The youngster - who has not been named - was taken to Emma Children's Hospital in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in late June complaining of rashes.

22/07/22 22:14

Both youngsters are understood to be 'doing well' and became infected following contact with gay or bisexual men - where most cases are being detected.

22/07/22 16:07

Mitcho Thompson, a cannabis salesman in Sebastopol, tested positive for COVID in late June. But then red lesions erupted over his body indicating he also had monkeypox.

21/07/22 22:36

Speaking in an interview with CNN , Dr Ashwin Vasan warned the city's tally of 500 cases - the highest in America - was likely just a fraction of the total.

20/07/22 15:55

Luke Shannahan, who lives in Dallas, was told he was exposed to the virus after attending pool parties and a music festival. Two days later he developed tell-tale warning signs of monkeypox.

19/07/22 19:05

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) said the change comes after evidence showed only a 'relatively small number' of contacts in the UK developed monkeypox.

19/07/22 15:50

The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) claimed in a statement it was still possible to 'significantly decrease' infections. It comes amid warnings over the weekend.

18/07/22 15:38

Guidance states patients should receive their second dose of the jab four weeks after the first to ensure best protection. But New York City says it may not meet this due to low supply.

16/07/22 23:05

While 50,000 vaccine doses are on order, public health experts say four times this number will be needed to halt the spread. In the UK, there have already been more than 1,850 cases of the disease.

16/07/22 18:12

The UN health agency are now aware of 9,200 cases in 63 countries in the last update issued on Tuesday, with the UK recording 1,735 cases between May 6 and July 11 this year.

15/07/22 22:13

Nearly every single case of monkeypox detected in New York City has been in a man. Not a single confirmed case has been in a woman, though there are few cases where the gender is unknown.

14/07/22 06:29

Soaring demand for the monkeypox vaccine caused the appointment system to crash in New York City, one of many places where supplies have been running out as soon as they get them

12/07/22 16:00

Public health officials in the U.S. are being slammed by many experts over their failure to handle the recent monkeypox outbreak.

11/07/22 17:06

EXCLUSIVE: Monkeypox has only killed three people despite thousands of cases and a fatality rate of 1%. Experts say the virus mutating and differing health systems around the world could explain why.

08/07/22 17:24

Gay or bisexual men who have multiple sexual partners over two weeks are again being offered the jab in America's monkeypox capital, alongside anyone exposed to the disease.

07/07/22 15:05

The city's Department of Health revealed it has now spotted 119 infections with the tropical disease, up by half on the same time seven days ago.

06/07/22 16:30

Many monkeypox patients are not exhibiting normal symptoms of the virus, allowing some infections to go undetected.

06/07/22 14:53

Monkeypox is likely spreading in Australia after NSW found likely locally transmitted infections among the state's 11 confirmed cases.

04/07/22 15:02

Some experts are warning the monkeypox could get out of control due to failures by health officials. Testing capacity in America is still limited.

02/07/22 09:45

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has confirmed the number of cases jumped by a further 159 by June 30, up from 1,076 on June 28. The annual Pride parade will take place later today.

01/07/22 14:38

Nation's monkeypox hotspot was blasted last week for its 'last minute' roll out of the monkeypox vaccine. But it has now secured more doses.

01/07/22 01:47

Health officials have said they are expecting an 'early influenza wave' in the UK because there has not been a 'proper' flu season since the start of the Covid pandemic.

30/06/22 15:17

Matt Ford, who lives in Los Angeles, said he caught the virus after 'skin-to-skin contact' with another patient. He has spoken out to warn people the disease 'sucks' and to take it seriously.

29/06/22 15:48

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed New York saw the biggest rise, up by 26 cases, followed by Illinois, where they rose by a total of 18 infections.

29/06/22 04:33

The Biden administration is ramping up efforts to slow the spread of monkeypox by distributing tens of thousands of vaccine doses, after facing criticism over its early response.

28/06/22 20:51

The CDC will dedicate 300 staff members to its monkeypox response as part of a new Emergency Activation Center.

28/06/22 15:57

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) said there had been 1,076 diagnoses as of Sunday, almost double the number a fortnight ago, in a sign the outbreak is not slowing down.

28/06/22 15:08

Dr Jay Varma, an epidemiologist at the Weill Cornell Medical School in New York City, said the rash-causing virus was mostly being passed on through skin-to-skin contact during sex.

27/06/22 22:03

The current strain of the monkeypox virus circulating around the world is mutating at a pace faster than expected.

27/06/22 04:58

Los Angeles County health officials have warned that recent cases of monkeypox detected in the area have been linked to the gay and bisexual communities in the area.

25/06/22 09:45

Glastonbury Festival returned after three long years away as an estimated 200,000 music fans partied late into the night at Worthy Farm. Paul McCartney will play tonight's headline set

24/06/22 22:16

Chris LeBron, a Democrat candidate for the New York State Assembly, blasted the 'pop-up' inoculation and slammed the city's health commissioner for failing to turn up.

23/06/22 21:21

In a bid to stem the rising case tally, the New York City Health Department opened a clinic Thursday to roll out the two-dose Jynneous vaccine -  which is 85 percent effective.

23/06/22 15:43

The Illinois' city's Department of Public Health told they would be putting out guidance on social media and printing fliers on the tropical disease to be handed out at events.

23/06/22 02:13

The UK Health and Security Agency has urged the 20,000 people who are set to descend on Worthy Farm in Somerset for the five-day-long festival to be mindful of the disease as case numbers rise.

22/06/22 18:02

Dr Bobbi Pritt, a pathologist at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, told that both diseases had been known for years and initially spread undetected in the United States.

22/06/22 11:52

A 30-year-old British tourist in Greece was rushed to hospital in a sealed capsule via helicopter (pictured) over fears they have Monkeypox.

21/06/22 22:58

The two pilots and nine air crew members have all been put in quarantine for 21 days, it is understood. The positive test came when they were on their way back to the UK from Sydney.

21/06/22 13:49

Scientists at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine warned it is 'highly likely' that another 10,000 cases of monkeypox would be spotted worldwide.

21/06/22 09:49

The sample, which was taken in Jersey City according to the city's official social media account, will be sent to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to confirm if it is monkeypox.

20/06/22 15:43

Indiana and Missouri each reported a suspected monkeypox case over the weekend, a first for both states, while the U.S. official case tally jumped to over 110 last weekend.

17/06/22 16:36

The doctors were speaking ahead of the state's Pride celebrations in Fort Lauderdale this weekend. Scientists say monkeypox spreads through touching infectious skin lesions.

17/06/22 16:34

UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) officials spotted another 46 new infections in England, with three more in Scotland and one in Wales. It brings the UK's total to 574 as of the 16 June.

16/06/22 21:34

American health chiefs say people should not have sex while they are infected with monkeypox. But for those who will ignore the guidance it has issued a checklist of the dos and donts.

16/06/22 16:02

Scientists are already warning that monkeypox may be spreading undetected in some areas, although health officials are yet to report an urban outbreak like in Europe.

15/06/22 15:05

Chicago's monkeypox tally doubled to eight this weekend, while in America another seven cases - mostly in New York - were confirmed yesterday.

15/06/22 13:39

A total of 524 Britons have now caught monkeypox UK health chiefs have revealed as 45 countries are now reporting cases or suspected cases of the virus.

15/06/22 08:48

Monkeypox will be rebranded, the World Health Organization confirms, after scientists called for a new non-discriminatory term for the virus.

14/06/22 15:54

The cases were reported up to 2pm on Monday across six states. California - the national hotspot - reported five new infections with the virus. Ohio also reported its first case.

13/06/22 15:49

Dr Bill Hanage, an epidemiologist at the state's Harvard University, warned the latest cases 'certainly indicate undetected transmission chains' in Massachusetts.

13/06/22 13:00

Some 470 Britons have been sickened with the rash-causing illness over the past month, with the vast majority gay and bisexual men.

11/06/22 15:19

The soldier - who has not been named - tested positive for the tropical disease at the base in Stuttgart, Germany, and is now quarantined while contact tracing underway at the facility.

10/06/22 19:09

In a briefing on the outbreak Dr Rochelle Walensky said the tropical disease was being passed on through physical contact with symptomatic patients and by touching their clothing and bedding.