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As many as 15 distinct explosions (left) were reported by eyewitnesses, according to various sources, which resulted in large plumes of smoke (pictured right) snaking from the base in Novofedorivka in Western Crimea. Russia annexed the peninsula from Ukraine in 2014 and has occupied the territory ever since despite widespread condemnation from much of the international community. Ukraine has not yet officially claimed responsibility, but a Ukrainian military official speaking on condition of anonymity told the New York Times that the nation's armed forces launched the attack. The head of Crimea's health department said five people, including one child, were injured in the explosions, while the Russian governor of Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov, announced one person had died in the incident at the airbase (top)

And they're off! Moment 'sad' holidaymakers make 9am dash to lay their towels on sunloungers at hotel pool in Majorca

Footage shared on TikTok shows the horde decked out in their hats and towels ready for a day of basking in the Majorcan heat. As soon as 9am struck, the competing holidaymakers started to run beside the pool adjacent to the hotel to lay their towels down and reserve their loungers. Some appeared to be sprinting at full speed as they overtook others in the mad rush for the limited seats. It is no surprise that tourists are making an early morning dash for the sunspots with Europe in the grips of another sweltering heatwave.

Lieutenant-Colonel Vitaly Tsikul, 36 and a tank commander, died fighting in Ukraine last month but his demise has been confirmed in recent days after footage of his funeral emerged.

The biggest nuclear site in Europe has been in Russian-occupied territory since March, but it continues to be operated by Ukrainian technicians working under the barrels of Putin's troops.

This is the moment a man known only as 'The Mascot' is filmed leaping from a roof onto a waterslide and is launched metres high before he belly-flopped dramatically into a swimming pool.

Horrifying moment reveller, 37, is gored in the neck and trampled in Spanish bullring leaving him fighting for life

WARNING: Contains graphic footage. The 37-year-old, named locally as Jose Ramon Bronte Les, was left haemorrhaging blood and appeared to be virtually lifeless as he dropped to his knees in his blood-stained clothes before being pulled to safety as the animal (pictured) briefly paused its attack. He was saved by an Italian cardiovascular surgeon who was on holiday and happened to be among the spectators watching the event. The specialist medic reportedly offered to perform an emergency operation at the scene and was able to stem the haemorrhaging with other emergency responders before the injured man was rushed to hospital. The drama happened on Sunday evening at a bullring in the town of Arguedas an hour's drive south of Pamplona in northern Spain.

Emanuela Orlandi: New evidence suggests gang member confessed to 1983 kidnap of Italian

Emanuela Orlandi (pictured left and top-right in a missing poster) was on her way home from a flute lesson in Rome when she disappeared near the city's Piazza Navonaon on June 22, 1983 - at the age of just 15. The vanishing of Orlandi, the daughter of a Vatican employee, has horrified and intrigued Italians for decades - with some convinced the Holy See knows more about the case than it has revealed. Theories around her disappearance have run rife. Now, 39 years after Orlandi vanished, a new theory has emerged in testimony given in 2008 by a former mobster named Salvatore Sarnataro, who pointed the finger at his own son when speaking to police at the time.

Police have been trying to establish whether her death was due to 'fault of a third party', but an update from public prosecutors on Monday suggested there was 'no suspicion' of criminal conduct

Carlo Bonomi, from Milan, lent his voice to the South Pole emperor penguin from its creation in 1990 until 2000.

'Never been cheaper' prices are being offered on social media with experts finding that at least a third of the  3,000 migrants who crossed from France in the past six weeks used one of the offers.

Chile sinkhole DOUBLES in size to 160ft wide and more than 650ft deep - large enough to engulf France's Arc de Triomphe - days after it appeared near small town 

The sinkhole, which emerged on July 30, now stretches 160 feet across - large enough to swallow France's Arc de Triomphe - and is a whopping 656ft deep. Seattle's Space Needle would comfortably fit in the black pit, as would six of Rio De Janeiro's Christ the Redeemer statues stacked head-to-toe. Chile's National Service of Geology and Mining (Sernageomin) said at the weekend it is still investigating the gaping hole near the Alcaparrosa mine about 413 miles north of the capital Santiago, and had ordered all work at the site to stop. The hole near the small town of Tierra Amarilla first sprang up overnight on July 30 and measured about 82 feet across, with water visible at the bottom. Local officials have expressed worry that the Alcaparrosa mine could have flooded below ground, destabilising the surrounding land

Hundreds of elephants pack their trunks as they are rehomed in new national park in Malawi

The mammoth effort saw 263 of the animals and 431 other wildlife including impala, buffalo, warthog, sable, and waterbuck transported from the Liwonde National Park in Malawi to the Kasungu National Park, 250 miles away. The elephants were seen hanging upside down as they were gently lowered into their new home as part of the environmental project. It was carried out to maintain healthy habitats in Malawi's national parks, establish viable elephant populations and ensure the prosperity of local communities around the park. The operation took a month in total and was completed last week.

The southern part of the national capital received more than 100mm (3.9 inches) of rain per hour on late Monday, with some parts of the city hit with 141.5mm, the heaviest rainfall in decades

The pair want the bird removed from their next-door neighbour's home in Bad Salzuflen in western Germany, and in preparation for court made daily logs recording each time Magda crowed