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Ajax star Mohamed Ihattaren has his £73,000 Porsche TORCHED at 3am in Utrecht, days after marrying a TikTok star... amid claims he is facing 'threats from gangsters over his relationship'

28/09/22 10:11

28/09/22 07:48

Li Liang, who describes himself as a teacher and an entrepreneur on social media, listed the three careers he believes are most at risk of being replace by robots in Australia.

28/09/22 02:22

An Australian model has shared her 'horror' at finding a large huntsman spider hiding under her toilet seat after she had been sitting on it for 20 minutes scrolling through her phone. 

28/09/22 00:28

Christmas is just around the corner and fans of the holiday season are already raving about a festive cookie candle from Kmart which has been described as 'the most delicious thing'.

27/09/22 23:14

The former Home and Away star documented her first 17 weeks of pregnancy in a TikTok video, revealing she'd been struggling with such severe morning sickness that she wet herself

27/09/22 19:57

Hailey Bieber has faced accusations of 'cultural appropriation' after sharing a TikTok video showcasing a beauty look she's labeled 'brownie glazed lips'.

27/09/22 17:35

Tribe Skincare owner Kayla Houlihan posted a video to TikTok - which has gone viral - about the comment she received while browsing in a Rip Curl store.

27/09/22 16:06

A mother and her twin daughters claim they have been mistaken as triplets despite being decades apart.

27/09/22 15:45

The incident, which took place in Horse Guards was captured on camera before it was shared on TikTok where it has received more than 104,000 likes.

27/09/22 15:14

Twins Dana and Juana Naser, 24, who are based between London and Jordan, say they look so much like their mother Sahar Darwazeh, 46, that strangers sometimes think they're siblings.

27/09/22 10:13

Christina Schembri, 25, from Melbourne, was living in pain every day due to her extremely large chest, leaving her unable to perform simple tasks such as cleaning her house.

27/09/22 05:56

The former Home and Away star, 33, thanked her fiancé Jordie Hansen for making her feel 'extremely loved, supported' and still sexy despite her unpleasant symptoms

27/09/22 05:15

The television personality, 43, previously posted a clip on TikTok and Instagram which showed the child in a large sink while watching a tablet.

27/09/22 00:51

An Australian finance expert has revealed exactly when to go shopping at Aldi to get the best deals on fresh fruit, meat, fish and pantry food.

26/09/22 20:05

A comedian has been fired by Carnival Cruise Line from all future performances after allegedly using the N-word multiple times during a performance.

26/09/22 19:30

A UK vet went viral on TikTok after sharing a video revealing which five dog breeds he would never own and why.

26/09/22 16:47

Behind-the-scenes and images from the now-scrapped $90 million production of 'Batgirl' have become public through one of its star's social media pages.

26/09/22 16:42

A popular TikTok user has explained why singing the 'Happy Birthday' song in English is so uncomfortable and awkward for everyone involved.

26/09/22 15:56

Information Commissioner John Edwards, pictured, said TikTok 'fell short' of meeting UK standards when it comes to protecting the privacy of children using the popular social media platform.

26/09/22 14:58

Adam Levine's leaked flirty DMs to fans have been widely mocked by social media users. MailOnline takes a look at studies and expert opinions that reveal what the Maroon 5 singer did right and wrong.

26/09/22 14:21

Rory Allen's helmet camera captured his terrifying leap in Italy and the terrifying aftermath with the daredevil posting the footage to his TikTok page on Monday.

26/09/22 10:26

Renea Thorn-Jones, from Wythenshaw, set up an online business where she sold 'self-defence kits' which included CS gas and a knife concealed in a key in a bid to help women protect themselves.

26/09/22 09:34

A UK vet, known as Ben the Vet, has gone viral on TikTok after sharing a video revealing which five dog breeds he would never own and why.

26/09/22 09:16

A Sydney father has been left horrified after staff at the controversial Karen's Diner urged his young sons to put the finger up and tell their dad to 'f***k off'.

26/09/22 04:56

Adam Levine's alleged mistress Sumner Stroh stepped out in LA on Saturday after claiming that she and the Maroon 5 musician had an 'inappropriate' relationship.

26/09/22 02:38

A podcast host has sparked debate after gifting parents a bottle of champagne to celebrate their first year of parenting instead of getting a present for their child.

26/09/22 02:23

An Aussie mum has impressed thousands by revealing a simple space-saving method for folding clothes before a long trip.

25/09/22 08:05

An American girl living in Australia has revealed how her Southern Californian accent was ruthlessly mocked as 'really f***ing stupid' while she was at a party.

25/09/22 06:31

A British expat living in Australia has been left in stitches after reading the hilarious acts women used to pull in attempt to score a husband in the 1950s.

25/09/22 06:07

A fed-up customer has exploded at staff at a Brisbane diner after an employee allegedly made fun of his receding hairline.

25/09/22 00:48

Flight attendant Tommy Cimato shared a now-viral video detailing exactly what you should never do on a flight - including leaning your head against the window.

24/09/22 20:00

A nurse has clapped back at critics who branded her scrubs 'inappropriate' because of the way they fit her body, insisting their real issue is with her curves.

24/09/22 18:37

The potential emergence of a far-right government in Italy has put the European Union on alert for disruptions - with fears that the unity of the war in Ukraine could be jeopardised.

24/09/22 02:54

Prisoners are using illegal mobile phones to gain notoriety on social media platforms in a trend that has seen thousands of kids watching content made inside correctional facilities.

23/09/22 22:55

Searches for NyQuil chicken skyrocketed after the United States Federal Drug Administration issued a warning against the recipe after it went viral during a recent TikTok trend.

23/09/22 21:00

A cute pet pig has become a TikTok sensation after learning how to 'talk' using buttons to communicate his needs.

23/09/22 20:20

It all began when a video that showed German politician Friedrich Merz saying something dramatic was going to happen on September 24 was shared online.

23/09/22 16:32

A drunk father-to-be was caught on camera in Chester declaring his love to his bewildered cat.

23/09/22 13:23

Etiquette expert Lucy Challenger, who is based in London and Berkshire, has revealed the posh way to eat a Pot Noodle if you happen to be given one in a formal British dining setting in a TikTok video.

23/09/22 12:54

Apple has today released a software update, iOS 16.0.2, that fixes a glitch that caused the iPhone's camera lens to vibrate while being used in a third-party app as well as a copy-paste popup bug.

23/09/22 12:41

Owner Mina Alali, 25, from San Jose, California, explained the adorable pig Merlin has a button to press when he gets hungry, as well as a button to go 'for a walk.'

23/09/22 09:36

Married At First Sight star Olivia Frazer has returned to TikTok more than two months after she was banned.

23/09/22 08:35

Fans in Australia have complained about feeling 'ripped off' after a meet-and-greet with internet star Hasbulla Magomedov was over before it began.

23/09/22 03:27

Foodies have tried endless combinations of toppings to decorate their boards, including edible flowers and figs, honey, nuts and herbs, and crumbled feta with sundried tomato.

23/09/22 02:15

Addison Rae broke out provocative dance moves decked out in sexy undergarments while encouraging her Instagram followers to 'DANCE MORE'.

22/09/22 22:27

The actress could be seen grooving and singing the lyrics to Harry's song Music For A Sushi Restaurant as she attended his concert at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night.

22/09/22 21:16

Vegetarian and TikTok star Louis Wright (pictured), 25, asked if he could buy a cheeseburger on the side with everything but the cheese slice removed along with his vegan cheese-free burger.

22/09/22 19:15

Vegetarian and TikTok star Louis Wright (pictured), 25, asked if he could buy a cheeseburger on the side with everything but the cheese slice removed along with his vegan cheese-free burger.

22/09/22 12:00

Kathryn Leech, 26, from Manchester, has gone viral on TikTok after challenging herself to live off of just £1 a day shopping at Aldi.

22/09/22 00:38

Taylor Swift shared the name of the final track on her upcoming album Midnights in a humorous video that was posted on her TikTok account on Tuesday.

22/09/22 00:01

British teenagers on TikTok are being told prescription only drugs for conditions like migraines, epilepsy and alcohol addiction are effective 'diet pills' an investigation has revealed.

21/09/22 23:17

Ashley Russell, 21, who runs a health and exercise Instagram account, told DailyMail.com Adam Levine began viewing her stories, liking her posts and sending her direct messages in March.

21/09/22 22:06

An Arizona influencer says that her rants against a trans teacher who was pictured wearing huge prosthetic breasts in class were deleted from TikTok.

21/09/22 18:37

MCCAIN: Levine was not the first and certainly won't be the last man to get caught with his digital pant down.

21/09/22 15:17

Hannah Thompson, Beauty Content Creator At Eliza, tried a pink silk heatless curler after becoming a massive fan of velcro rollers over the past couple of years.

21/09/22 13:04

Graham Mansie, 53, stalked Maisie Relph, now 19, over a 4-month period between July and October last year. At York Crown Court today, Mansie was jailed for 20 months.

21/09/22 12:09

Isis de Oliveira Almeida Pinheiro, from Palmas, northern Brazil, was left with a massively distorted face after an allergic reaction caused her cheeks and jaw to swell up.

21/09/22 11:19

The Taliban have announced that they will ban TikTok because it promotes violence despite their fighters share battlefield atrocities to spread fear among their enemies on the platform

21/09/22 11:07

Cannabis-infused sweets packaged in counterfeit Haribo bags (pictured) are being 'marketed at children' on social media sites including TikTok, Facebook and messenger app Telegram.

21/09/22 07:34

Jana Hocking claims that Adam Levine is solely to blame for raunchy DM sex scandal and the 'other women' aren't the ones we should be cancelling.

21/09/22 06:17

A glamorous young Australian woman has boasted about the eye-watering amount she makes as a very casual traffic controller, but there's a big catch.

21/09/22 01:39

TikTok user @dd_escapades detailed her terrifying account in a now-viral video, which has been viewed 8.9 million times.

20/09/22 23:20

A former Bachelor star and recovered sex addict has taken aim at high-profile Australian feminists she believes are inadvertently causing a surge in misogyny by 'hating on' men

20/09/22 23:16

After Sara took to TikTok to air her grievances with the 23-year-old model at the center of the scandal, Emily slammed Foster's post arguing it was wrong to place to blame on the 'other woman'.

20/09/22 23:14

DailyMail.com spotted Adam Levine smiling with his wife Behati Prinsloo Tuesday in Montecito, California.

20/09/22 21:04

Comedian Maryka and a woman named Alyson Rose shared screenshots of their alleged messages with Adam Levine, shortly after model Sumner Stroh claimed she had 'an affair' with him last year.

20/09/22 17:13

Adam Levine has denied having an affair with a 23-year-old Instagram model, but admits he 'crossed the line' and was 'inappropriate' with the woman.

20/09/22 16:13

Adam Levine has denied having an affair with a 23-year-old Instagram model, but admits he 'crossed the line' and was 'inappropriate' with the woman.

20/09/22 14:56

Sumner Stroh, 23, took to TikTok on Monday to reveal details of her alleged illicit relationship with the married pop rock singer.

20/09/22 14:15

Sumner Stroh addressed the scandal in a follow-up TikTok video Monday, claiming she was led to believe Adam Levine's marriage to Behati Prinsloo was over when she engaged in an affair.

20/09/22 11:35

A TIkTok video has reopened the mystery surrounding the '1994 Gosford UFO incident' with eye-witness accounts from people who claimed to see a mysterious metallic craft with bright lights.

20/09/22 11:19

Ross Lynch is set to return to Australia with his latest project, The Driver Era, playing sold out shows in Sydney and Melbourne with brother Rocky this week.

20/09/22 07:43

The 27-year-old from Perth is the brains behind the $15million-dollar beauty company The Quick Flick and created a new collection of 'skinscreen' products.

19/09/22 19:36

Sunken, unfinished graves at a cemetery in Eagle Pass, Texas hold more than a dozen unidentified migrants who died in the dangerous journey trying to cross illegally from Mexico into the U.S.

19/09/22 19:10

Instagram model Sumner Stroh claimed she had a year-long affair with Adam Levine, who later allegedly asked her if he could name his unborn child with wife Behati Prinsloo after her.

19/09/22 15:52

The 21-year-old  TikTok star showcased her derriere in a series of racy snaps posted onto her Instagram on Sunday.

19/09/22 12:29

An unnamed relationship expert shockingly revealed in an email to influencer Tix, 31, from California, that you should imagine separating from your partner to know if they're the one you.

19/09/22 08:58

The new Princess of Wales, 40, spoke to well-wishers at Sandringham on Friday ahead of the monarch's funeral today.

19/09/22 06:54

The married couple of five months recently spent quality time with her billionaire father Nelson Peltz and her grandmother Bunny

19/09/22 04:02

An Aussie mum has impressed thousands with her simple method for folding bed linen into space-saving 'packages.'