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Furious Queensland fan rips a TV off the wall at a pub and slams it into a dumpster after NSW smash the Maroons in State of Origin - but all is NOT as it seems

27/06/22 02:17

27/06/22 01:27

Thousands of people have admitted to not knowing a simple grammar rule after a mum-of-two posted a now-viral video on TikTok.

26/06/22 11:23

The terrifying video was filmed at Cahills Crossing, which is home at least 120 crocodiles Kakadu in the Northern Territory.

26/06/22 09:34

Dr Julie Smith, 37, remembers how she woke up to find herself a TikTok star. The 37-year-old psychologist posts inventive self-help snippets to her followers

26/06/22 03:59

A sleep expert has been slammed online after revealing the number one mistake people make when they turn in for the night - and suggesting an 'easy fix' to eliminate the problem.

25/06/22 11:13

Cheryl Burke has spoken for the first time about an abortion she had at 18 years old after the Roe V. Wade ruling was overturned on Friday.

24/06/22 07:58

A woman has revealed the secret to achieving the viral '90s hair' look with the help of a hair styling tool from Amazon.

24/06/22 07:38

Eden McCourt, 23, from Croydon, has been involved with anti-abortion activism since she was a teenager. She discovered her parents had been encouraged to abort her late sister.

24/06/22 05:33

Robert, 18, told Today co-hosts Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon on Friday it 'meant the world' and went 'straight to his heart'

24/06/22 02:55

The outspoken former Bachelor contestant, 27, described the AFL players' behaviour as 'locker room chat' as they rated women out of 10

24/06/22 01:46

With tears welling up in his eyes, Robert described the legendary Crocodile Hunter as a 'superhero' and 'the greatest dad on the planet'

24/06/22 00:39

A McDonald's fan has tested out every type of flavour burst soft serve on offer at the fast food restaurant and delivered his verdict on which one tastes the best.

24/06/22 00:25

A lawyer has revealed her shock at having to pay $42.80 per kilo for snow peas at the supermarket - just weeks after lettuce prices soared to $12 and broccoli was marked up to $11.90 per kilo

23/06/22 23:05

A TikTok video has gone viral for questioning whether the ongoing public grief for the late Australian conservationist Steve Irwin has gone too far

23/06/22 21:39

Benito Skinner, also known as Benny Drama, 28, has now revealed that teaming up with the president resulted in him receiving a slew of hateful comments and death threats.

23/06/22 20:36

Katy, who is in Australia while her partner Orlando Bloom, 45, shoots the new movie Wizards!, requested to be seated at a table but was told one wasn't available.

23/06/22 15:42

The contestant, 25, who found herself dumped from the villa last week, has now playfully poked fun at her make-up looks on the show, which some branded as 'shocking'.

23/06/22 14:35

A TikTok video by Robert Irwin paying tribute to his late dad Steve has gone viral.

23/06/22 11:53

Khabane Lame, 22, has become the most followed TikTok star in the world with142.5 million followers after he surpassed American Charli D'Amelio who previously held the top spot.

23/06/22 08:00

Kirsty Leanne, 29, from Shropshire who went viral on TikTok for slamming the size of travel seats has revealed she gets thousands of hate comments a day.

23/06/22 06:53

An Australian woman has called out charity shops for selling secondhand clothes that are pricier than picking up a brand new ensemble from a store like Kmart, Target or Big W.

23/06/22 03:46

Young mum-of-three Yasmyn Switzer has gone viral on TikTok for sharing the shocking moment her doctor yelled at her to be quiet while she was in the middle of giving birth to her third child.

23/06/22 01:40

Indianna Paull, who did not recognise Katy beneath her hat and sunglasses, told the Roar hitmaker she would have to wait until a table became available

23/06/22 00:52

Dixie D'Amelio looked fashionable and trendy at her A Letter to Me album release party in Los Angeles. The TikTok sensation showed off her flat stomach in a lacy white bra and light-colored vest.

22/06/22 16:06

Phoebe Tonkin has posted a special Instagram tribute to her buddy Lara Worthington.

22/06/22 13:39

A TikTok user has been slammed online for his 'prank' at a Coles supermarket to get himself free grapes.

22/06/22 07:39

The popular account Unreal_Margot, which has 333,000 followers, posts videos of an AI-generated woman who bears an uncanny resemblance to the 31-year-old Australian actress

22/06/22 06:05

Aussie female FIFO worker Maddy Tull, 30, shared a series of now-viral videos on TikTok exposing the Instagram messages she often receives from men

22/06/22 05:07

Jon-Bernard Kairouz has appeared in Downing Centre Local Court over his involvement at an anti-lockdown protest at Sydney Town Hall during the Covid-19 pandemic.

22/06/22 03:30

A young Australian woman has revealed how she 'happily' gained about ten kilos after being told she was too fit to undergo an $18,000 Brazilian butt lift procedure

22/06/22 03:12

An American tourist has caused a stir online after claiming Melbourne coffee 'didn't live up to the hype'. She made the claim in a TikTok clip which drew in a string of angry comments from coffee-loving Aussies.

22/06/22 02:03

Katy, who is in Australia while her partner Orlando Bloom, 45, shoots the new movie Wizards!, requested to be seated at a table but was told one wasn't available

21/06/22 21:15

Allie Tarvin, 21, from Alabama, went from weighing 217lbs to 128lbs in a year after becoming embarrassed with her curves. She now goes to the gym Monday to Friday to work on her fitness.

21/06/22 19:05

A viral video documents the moment a neighbor decided to ruin a wedding by mowing her lawn with an apparent weed whacker on June 11 in New Brunswick, Canada.

21/06/22 18:34

An identified police officer pulled over Gerardson Nicholas last Wednesday in North Miami Beach before the pair got in an escalation, in which the cop can be heard making the triggering comment.

21/06/22 13:51

Combining the color of a bold lipstick with the long-lasting staying power of a stain, the WONDERSKIN Wonder Blading Lip Stain Kit has set TikTok ablaze with more than 200 million views.

21/06/22 06:54

Collingwood stars Jack Ginnivan and Isaac Quaynor have posted a video apology after footage of them rating women on TikTok emerged.

21/06/22 02:59

Perth nightclub revealed disgusting items lost on a night out. The video, posted to TikTok by The Court Hotel, showed the tough job that staff have once the lights are finally turned on at closing time.

20/06/22 23:03

Elon Musk is wondering out loud if 'TikTok is destroying civilization' as he's poised to buy one of the biggest social media platforms in the world.

20/06/22 23:00

Disturbing footage has emerged of Collingwood AFL stars Jack Ginnivan and Isaac Quaynor rating women on TikTok as teammate Jordan De Goey returns from his wild mid-season break in Bali.

20/06/22 22:31

Meagan Elizabeth Boyer, whose Tiktok handle is @its.meagan.elizabeth, shared an adorable video of Phoebe, her golden retriever, watching the 1955 Disney classic for the first time.

20/06/22 17:29

Emma Ardith Todhunter, softball player at North Idaho college had to have her mouth wired shut after a softball going 60 mph hit her in the mouth and broke her jaw in two spots and ripped out her tooth.

20/06/22 17:02

An American flight attendant has gone viral after revealing the reason why a Diet Coke is the most frustrating thing a passenger can order while in the air compared to other soft drinks.

20/06/22 16:22

A Russian personality quiz that tells you what 'human feeling' you are has gone viral. TikTok users are posting videos under #humanfeelings with their results, that include 'sincere love' and 'tired'.

20/06/22 15:40

The 26-year-old DT Model has been in Italy for five days with live-in love RAC and her cousin Alaia's family

20/06/22 08:19

An American woman who was mystified by an AFL game has gone viral for her hilarious take that 'it is legally required to be extremely attractive to be a pro footy player'.

20/06/22 07:15

An American flight attendant has gone viral after revealing the reason why a Diet Coke is the most frustrating thing a passenger can order while in the air compared to other soft drinks.

20/06/22 05:36

Sydney shopper and organisation queen Anita Birges has revealed her simple trick for getting free plastic bags at Woolworths however not all of her fans are convinced the trick is 'hygienic'.

20/06/22 04:53

A Bunnings Warehouse customer noticed a robotic machine dispensing tomato sauce and mustard over sizzled sausages out the front of his local store in Melbourne.

20/06/22 03:35

An Australian woman has shared her shock after her American boyfriend wore socks with no shoes on the beach. 

20/06/22 02:35

A health coach visited McDonald's in the UK and shared some shocking comparisons to the Aussie menu - along with a British treat that did not impress her.

19/06/22 23:58

Gen Z-ers are edgier, more knowing and less egotistical than millennials. Hannah Betts says that Gen Z-ers, as a posse of digital natives, also love make up

19/06/22 02:31

TikTok users Mason and Mai shared a video titled 'How to flex in an Australian supermarket' and placed a whole head of lettuce in a plastic bag that read 'Lettuce Vuitton'.

17/06/22 21:07

The audio recordings are from more than 80 internal TikTok meetings where staff expressed concerns about China-based engineers accessing US user data.

17/06/22 19:58

Leonardo DiCaprio has been mocked online by fans who claim the actor will soon dump his girlfriend Camila Morrone, 25, because he famously doesn't women date older than her current age.

17/06/22 15:58

The singer, 31, showed off her energetic moves while using a crystal roller, having previously shared a playful video about her exhausted limbs after 'leg day.'

17/06/22 10:00

Sydney Golding, 21, from Essex, who works as an administrator, started impersonating the singer as a tribute to a friend who died suddenly who was a massive fan of the star.

17/06/22 08:54

Sophie Hammonds, 28, created the fake account to issue 'warnings' to other women about Paul Fordman. Warrington Magistrates Court heard she branded her ex an 'abuser of women'.

17/06/22 03:00

Two clips show voice actors David McCormack and Melanie Zanetti, who play Bluey's parents Bandit and Chilli, recording dialogue

16/06/22 16:55

A spokesperson for the Kansas Livestock Association said heat stress killed the cows as temperatures and humidity spiked over the weekend and cooling winds disappeared.

16/06/22 15:56

A Canadian plus-size woman took to TikTok to document her experience of what it's like to 'travel when you're fat.' Jae'lynn Chaney, 25, has seen her weight fluctuate since her illness in 2019.

16/06/22 12:10

Actress Zendaya has been forced to deny rumours she's pregnant after fake sonogram clip went viral on TikTok. 

16/06/22 10:31

London-based etiquette expert Lucy Challenger has garnered more than 6 million likes for her videos which teach Gen Z social media users essential manners to fit in with the upper echelons.

16/06/22 05:38

An American expat has spoken about the words she has learnt to say differently from her Australian boyfriend.

16/06/22 03:34

A Woolworths store in Sydney has revealed how it 'upcycles' discounted loaves of bread about to expire.

16/06/22 01:59

TikTok user @not.cristinayang shared her creepy story in a now-viral video that has been viewed more than 4.2 million times since it was posted last week.

16/06/22 00:34

Megan Grass told Today hosts Karl Stefanovic and Brooke Boney on Thursday that Robert still hasn't been in contact with her since TikTok video went viral

15/06/22 19:41

A Canadian plus-size woman took to TikTok to document her experience of what it's like to 'travel when you're fat.' Jae'lynn Chaney, 25, has seen her weight fluctuate since her illness in 2019.

15/06/22 19:12

The 35-year-old actor reacted to his 29-year-old wife were seen rocking patterned looks while out and about in New York City on Tuesday.

15/06/22 18:37

The 25-year-old Euphoria star denied that she was pregnant on Wednesday after a prank video went viral on TikTok and spread to Twitter, fooling several users.

15/06/22 12:18

Trading standards officers from Westminster Council have raided some of the deluge of tacky, overpriced US-themed sweet and souvenir shops that have been taking over high streets.

15/06/22 11:01

The singer, 63, admitted she has 'never experienced anything quite like this' after her song was given a 'whole new lease of life' in hit Netflix sci-fi series Stranger Things.

15/06/22 10:24

UK dietary experts told MailOnline the 'hack', as it has been branded on social media, could cause bloating and discomfort if drunk too quickly.

15/06/22 08:17

Tọ́ba Courage, who boasts 854,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel The Hack, spent a day with beggars in London to find how much they typically make.

15/06/22 07:42

Kacie Suchanek, 23, said she decided to share her story online after law enforcement failed to thoroughly investigate the incident October incident.

15/06/22 04:46

A hilarious game where women reveal their 'icks' and things that turn them off men has taken TikTok by storm. Radio producer Luisa Dal Din listed her 'icks' including not owning a car and saying 'youse'

15/06/22 02:09

Teenagers are purchasing a pair of Lorna Jane activewear trousers in droves because of a viral dance trend on TikTok, and the brand is struggling to keep them in stock.

15/06/22 01:46

A bizarre new trend where beauty lovers pour their foundation in water before applying is emerging all over TikTok with makeup lovers claiming it gives a flawless, long-lasting finish.

15/06/22 01:43

A viral video on TikTok shows the 18-year-old crocodile wrangler walking towards a crowd before a woman from Utah asks him for his digits

14/06/22 22:37

TikTok star, Remi Bader, 26, who is known for her realistic clothing haul visited a New York ranch and was turned away for 'weighing too much.' The TikToker was then called a 'fat b****' by owner's son.